Thursday, 3 June 2010

G.P. Llodio, Vuelta a Rijoca, Subida ao Naranco and Vuelta a Asturias.


So for all my complaining this has not been a bad season so far. I've been given a top "international" calendar, racing pretty much every week end and all races of some significance. I After Tro Bro Leon, I raced G.P. Llodio, Vuelta a Rijoca, Subida ao Naranco and Vuelta a Asturias.

This block began well, with me being able to escape with some ease over the first categorised climb in Llodio, but missing the earlier break. Kind of stupid, but it meant we were some how represented in the front. And for me it's either pulling in the break away, pulling on the front of the peleton or puling to arrive within the control time in the Grupetto. It all amounts to the same thing.

I felt good during this whole period, but made one key mistake: Ignoring blatant illness. I had "sinusitis" and in typical fashion thought I'd battle through and get better naturally. I tried this for about a month before speaking with the doctor and taking antibiotics. The antibiotics helped a lot.

Asturias is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It's locked between the sea and high mountains and is as green as Ireland. Nothing at all like Castile. The approach to the place is incredible. I've seen the "Alps Maritimes", the "Rockies" in California and all the other mountains on the peninsula. Nothing was as spectacular as crossing those via ducts, tunnels, and causeways across mountain reservoirs into Asturias.

On the other hand, mountains on this scale are not that great for riding bikes. It's painful and difficult, and seeing "comienza puerto" every 12km demoralizing. I did find out however, on climbing the Acebo that I am actually quite good at mountain top finishes, if one considers that I was purposefully going slowly to save energy, loosing 5m on a 35m climb and riding a long way bellow threshold is good!

The next day I managed to get disqualified. I was disqualified because the commissar thought it impossible I managed to go from the back group to the Peleton after loosing contact after a puncture. Ironically yes, I and two others did about 95% of the word to close that gap and yes we did take a draft behind a car along one section, so I dully pulled over when asked. Stupid really.

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