Wednesday, 20 April 2011

G.P. Llodio and Vuelta a Rioja this weekend!

This weekend we are racing two big 1.1 races in northern Spain.

I've done Llodio a couple of times before and really, it's either wet and very cold, or warm and spring like. Given that it's raining a lot here, I imagine it will be the later. I don't go well in the cold, I get hypothermia in a flash due to something called "vagal" something or other. So needless to say, I feel somewhat apprehensive.

The weather forecast for the next day (Sunday 24th) is a bit better. It says scattered showers. It better be  because this race goes over some huge mountain at the beginning and has an equally colossal decent which left my shoulders aching and finger sore last time, as it takes ages to get to the bottom. If it's raining, it will be seriously unpleasant.

I've had a tough time with the polen and Claritin doesn't seem to work, so this rain sort of feels like a mixed blessing: The air is breathable again and my sinuses are rested, but it's really hard to train well when the road is turned into a river every 20mins, but at least it's warm (17ºC).

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