Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Vuelta a Rioja last weekend

Vuelta a Rioja had everyone a bit apprehensive. The weather was threatening to rain. The previous year we went over a huge mountain and everyone was a little worried about the long descent in the rain and cold. However, this year we didn't actually go over any big mountains and it didn't rain. No one complained, but wow, what a boring race! It was km after km of straight, flat road, some wind and completely baren landscape.

Because we didn't put anyone in the break, the boss put two team mates controlling the race. When they got to about 1min of the break away I jumped across, more to save them a few km in the wind than anything else. Things then became quite active at the back of the race and my escapade only lasted 16k or so. Again they started attacking and another group got away, again the boss put us to work...  Of course after all this we weren't in the best shape to take on the hills at the end of the race and duly we were unable to put a single rider in the front group!

And not even a bottle of Rioja for our effort.

Epm of Colombia were going strong this day and raced really well, making the winning move on the final hill of the day, unfortunately a savvy Erviti of Movistar tagged along with them and won the race! Incidentally neither team worried particularly about putting someone in the break, or bothered to control the race...

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