Friday, 6 May 2011

VO2max test - results in and Classica Amarate this Sunday, Equipier do mês.

The VO2max test:

Firstly, as a "bonker"* I have to lay out my excuses. I've been under huge stress these past few weeks, I've been frustrated that I and my team are here scratching a living on the edge of professional cycling, when we merit a whole lot more. Anyway, I did enough to get some values for training.

The test went well. I didn't see how much power I produced but noted the my threshold must somewhere around 172. I did 445w last time this time I think I did 470w, that said I didn't see the results yet. This isn't a standard test and last two to three times as long as a normal VO2max test... Lets call it a "Ve" test as it's designed to find ventilatory threshold and power.

Classica Amarante:

Pic 1. Amarante

Amarante is a beautiful town on a tributary of the river Douro in the north of Portugal. But they like their races dangerous! The finishing straight is a narrow cobbled street, that is normally closed to traffic. It has  like step about 1k from the line that requires bunny hopping at 60kph +.

But the route is interesting. There are a lot of hills and the race has a fantastic feel to it. Hard but not killer hard, just fun for racing.

Pic 2. Enjoying the job at the Classica Amarante 2010

Last year André Cardoso came second. So this year I am hopping we can go one better!

I'm "Equipier do Mês" again. I've extended my lead to 6 points. It's an honour to lead this classification. I  think that it should spread into the broader cycling world. It acknowledges the work of the domestiques, work that is more valuable to a team that a 10th place finish**.

I found a dead Mongoose on the road. I was saddened by his death, they have cute little hands, nearly human like. I hate cars.

Pic. 3. The Mongoose


*"Empeno" meaning buckle or bonk is used as a term for a cyclist who, despite their best efforts is mediocre. Such a cyclist is always looking out for themselves so will sprint for 12th, or attack the gruppeto. Such a cyclist buys all the crap, no matter how implausible the gains may be, things like: balance bracelets, silly diets, ever lighter components. The bonker hopes in vain that these will make up for weak genetics. Join my "Grupo dos Empenos" on Facebook. The only way not to be a "Bonker" is to cross the finish line in first (win) in your respective category.

**Next week I'll talk about the UCI rankings and why they are destructive to cycling. I will propose a better system.

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  1. lame i wrote a comment and it got deleted. long comment short bunny hopping sounds scary and the randomness of the mongoose made me laugh. xx