Thursday, 28 July 2011

Why I must change teams:

I'm not happy with this team and I don't mean the cyclists -I know them well and consider each one a friend and a few close friends.

I was left waiting unnecessarily in the sun for 30 minutes after a longer 1hr delay waiting at home. needless to say I mentioned my disgruntlement to the boss (politely) upon which he got kind of heavy; accelerating and smacking the dashboard. I am an extremely tolerant person and can take a lot of shit; too much in fact, as people take advantage. Now this type of mistake is tolerable once in a while. But incessantly? No.

My reaction was completely cold and I simply went all in. I said "You continue like this and I will stop working with you this instant". And yes, I would skip the volta, perhaps even terminate my career right now without very much thought. He cooled his tempers, but I know he's vindictive so I'm awaiting reprisal.

I think the story is a bit like the pigs in Animal Farm. Something starts out well intended and then people (pigs) get corrupted by power and projects decay. I'm Boxer in this whole story.

I have to switch teams. So any teams interested, contact me.

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