Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sport Science Connect

I'm studying sport science and while the course has a lot to be desired organization wise, I adore it's content. I originally studied and dropped out of Sports Technology, ironically due to not being able to hack the maths; ironic because I now fly through the more "mathsie" parts of Sports Science.

Studying Sports Science and being a proffessional athlete with experience at elite level in two distinct sports allows me to be particularly pragmatic in my analysis of sports and the science.

The Sport Scientist is the all important jack of all trades. The sport scientist is the person who knowing a lot about the diverse sciences in sport can take a bit of Biomechanics, mate it with Physiology and propose a way to ameliorate performance in the field.

Anyway, I made a site:

Sport Science Connect 

The idea is simple: Tie everything together, so that real world results can be achieved. A way of blending basic sciences and applying them in the real world so to speak.

I believe in this idea, and encourage anyone to contribute.

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