Thursday, 4 August 2011

Volta a Portugal Prologue

Prologues are not my thing: I am not explosive, nor especially technical, I lost a lot of time in the last two corners. I will also have my work cut out over the next two weeks, hence I was very careful tackling this 2.2km prologue.

Not to say it went badly; I was very happy with my performance. 3:26.00 I think which is 22s of the best time by Hugo Sabido, but I was still happy. I felt good and enjoyed it. It was one of those days that I simply enjoyed riding my bike. Sabido flew, watching the replay on telly I could see he's in fantastic form.

The team is okay, I see a few problems, but in general people are calm and looking after each other. The management isn't being too pushy or over powering. There are some tensions I can see building and I am sure things after the Volta will be interesting. Our new president is very good and has sorted out the clubs finances and deals with problems very well, he's a no bullshit doer, not a sayer. I hope he has the patience to continue.

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