Thursday, 11 August 2011

Etapa 6. Aveiro-Castelo Branco, 215.6km + 3.015 vertical km

Today I had a rough day. It was 42ºC and I drank and drank in order to fight the heat. This was fine for the first 3 hours, but I then got a very upset stomach. I had terrible pains and could not eat or drink. I went to get water at the car and inform the boss, to which he replies that I must go to the front soon and get to work reeling in the break. I wasn't happy with this, I was really uncomfortable. What was more sad about this was that I was well. But I and two team mates were able to cut the break aways advantage from 7:50 to 3:00 in about 30kms.

Then I was caught up behind a fall. An old team mate, Alejandro Marque broke his wrist. I was quite sad about that. Chasing back on was not an option as by the time I was free of the carnage the peloton was a good 500m away and in my sorry state I didn't feel like suffering!

The stage was won by Gavazzi of Lampre, which was good since Lampre haven't really shown themselves much till today.

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