Monday, 8 August 2011

Etapa 3. Viana do Castelo-Senhora da Graça 150km + 2.96 vertical km

Yesterday, we had a relatively easy stage. I was supposed to rest, but yet again I was put on the front working -on a day I was told I should rest. So that was typical. Nine guys on a team and I pick up most of the bill. The “leaders” did okay however on the final climb, while I rested, keeping my heart rate nice and low all the way up.

I can't wait to leave and pull my “British” money and my “British” talent away. Note, I am not in anyway “nationalistic” I was born to an “Irish” mother and a “British” father in Portugal. In Gattaca, the main character derides and works against “Genoism” -discrimination based on ones genes, and I say, 'if only!!'.

Portuguese cycling is ever more jingoistic, ever more poor. This is not for me I am afraid. I love racing my bike and I love Portugal, but being treated like a foreigner in the country I was born in is a bit much. Racing bellow my standard and being incessantly held back means I cannot work with these people: 5 years and not a single opportunity – merely the opportunity to work. And I am very good at my job.

If there's light at the end of the tunnel, it's that Hernâni Broco who won on “Monte Farinha” was treated for years and years as a worthless “worker”. Even been excluded for many years from the Volta squad when he raced on Liberty Seguros. So there you have it, someone treated no better than a work horse is now having his pay back.

Parabéns Hernâni. 

Ricardo Mestre came second and my team  David Livramento put in a tremendous attack which could have succeeded, but it didn't unfortunately as he was caught 400m away from the finish.

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