Wednesday 10 August 2011

Rest Day, Volta a Portugal

Today has been painfully boring. One does nothing on rest day, which is harder than it sounds.

I woke up earlyish, or should I say my room mate woke me. He must be the type that can't stand being alone or something, as I still had another 30mins to sleep. I found this extremelly annoying. I had a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausages; not your athletes breakfast, but I go well on it and it's what I eat nearly every day at home. Given my job, it's better to be a bit fat (4% body fat vs. 3% of a GC contender).

I then went training. I went alone because I had already recieved my go slow orders for the Time Trial (TT) and it was the TT the rest of the team went to see. I just didn't fancy all the fafing about, given whatever I do in the TT will be wrong (too slow, too fast, etc, etc). Ironically our sprinter is set to go fast, for the purpose of time checks.

I went to an amazing place right up a mountain. It was called Linhares. I had these incredible stone streets, it was like cycling into the middle ages. I felt I was in ancient Lusitania. I hope to explore this area well one day.

Out side of this I have just been bored out of my mind. I've just looked at e-mails, the Facebook and did some stuff so that I can transfer my to a new server where I will rebuild it in the week after this race. I'm also trying to get to grips with excel, which is quite painful!

I stare at the phone occasionally and think of calling the one or two contacts I have on other teams. I really would like to continue cycling, but not here.

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