Monday, 24 October 2011

My Birthday Suprise.

It's unusual to have anything directly cycling related happen during the off-season. Here there is no track racing or cyclo-cross, just the odd mountain bike race.

I had my birthday on the 22nd. I am 27 and feel like I'm hurtling through life much too fast. I wish the days were twice as long!

I first celebrated my Birthday with my family on the 21st which was good fun, then the following day I went with my girl friend to Tavira where we celebrated with some friends. Luis Silva, one of my team mate is two hours younger, so we usually celebrate together.

Te following day I was awoken to a doping control. I was amazed at the timing. "Will have drunk a lot of alcohol the day before affect the test?" I asked. To which they said "no". I was just thinking that I do not as of yet know whether I will even be a cyclist next year. However the "vampires" must think I will be, so I took it to a good omen!

Doping test done I went running in the mountains. 16km up and down the hills and in the rain, it was great craic.

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