Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A climb up to Foia, next year and plan ahead.

A climb up to Foia.

Today I did a little test up Foia. This a 7.5km climb that rises from 450m to 900m. It's got a shallow gradient and you usually get a head wind going up it. I forgot how chilly it gets just 900m up! I did it in 20.27m which was good. I've only been training for two weeks after two months off. In the summer I could do 3x sub18m up the climb! So there's a lot of work to be done.

Next year.

No news yet, regarding cycling next year. It's funny though, I can't help feeling calm about things. I had a word with a friend about things, he told how much a certain cycling team are paying people and I just thought that that wouldn't do. So if I get a similar offer, it will be ciao aí (bye there).

Plan ahead young sports person.

There a couple of kids who want to go training with me, or do go training with me. I might make it a point that only kids working doing an apprenticeship or studying may train with me! Seriously, it seems like a game when you're 20, but when you want to actually make a life, it's very unlikely you'll be doing it pedaling a bike.

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