Friday, 27 March 2009

Details on the forthcoming races:

G.P. Llodio or "Laudioko Nazioarteko Sari Nagusia" in the local Basque:

This race is a "classic" in the purest meaning of the word. This race is going into it's 60th edition, first being held in 1949.

Classics are one day races, usually very long and very difficult. They dawn from a time when race organiser wanted the most dramatic and difficult course, designed to break the riders and create as much drama as possible. They tend to be either "hilly classics" or "northern classics" northern usually being in the wind and rain and over cobble stone sections.

Unusually, the two Portuguese teams involved are both Algarvean; Palmeiras Resort/Prio/Tavira and C.C Loulé/Louletano/Aquashow. The previous winner of this event, Hector Guerra rides for the Liberty Seguros squad, how ever they don't appear to be racing.

All the information about this race can be found here:

Volta ao Alentejo:

This is a normal road race, over five days through the Alentejo. It's highly ranked though, at 2.1, which is the same as the Tour of Britian for example. This race passes some beautiful scenery, especially in the hills near Portalegre.

On the third stage is a time trials. Which will probably determine the winner. Last year David Blanco came in second in the time trial and won the green points jersey.

I hope this year, will be as successful as the previous and that the weather is better also.

All the information on this race can be found here:

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