Monday, 23 March 2009

Exciting times ahead!

This Sunday the G.P. Llodio classic tkes place in the Basque country. It's quite hilly apparently and very hard. In order to be fresh for the race the team management has decided that flying is a better option than a 1200km journey by car and caravan.

Following on two days later we have the"Volta ao Alentejo" a 2.1 ranked race, or the highest ranking in our calendar bar the "Volta a Portugal". Again I suspect we will be combative, but I am also fully aware there will be many other strong teams with powerful riders.

This is all rather exciting and I sincerly hope I can do a decent job. I am quite aware how hard these races will be and know that my form has taken a bit of a dip, probably by training a little too hard. I hope the hard training will have paid of and that I recover strong for this block.

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