Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Volta a Albufeira

Palmeiras Resort/Prio/Tavira came out victorious this weekend, in the general classification, points and metas volantes and all through one rider; Samuel Caldeira.

The race was not straight forward. It is a fast, short and technical race, with many chances for time bonifications. We had to kill every break away and prepare a sprint every time there was a meta volante, which was often. Of course 10 guys against 110 is always going to make for difficult racing, but the sittuation was adequatly controled, alowing Samuel Caleira to take victory.

It was an impressive lesson in team work. We were greatlly helped along by the fact Cândido Barbosa, with an impresive 101 professional victories in his palmares, was able to guide us and tell us what to do and when.

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