Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Equipier do Ano -Domestique of the Year

I was awarded top place in the Equipier do Ano Prize for the month of February. This is a prize promoted by the Union of Portuguese Professional Cyclists for the best team worker. Each professional cyclist in has a vote, at the end of the month these votes are added up and then the total for the year is given in November.

I am proud to be leading this classification, because too long do people look at the podium and not how those cyclists came to get there. Cycling is a magnificent team sport, and in all my races so far I have helped put someone on the podium.

As it stands the top three in this classification are:

Tomás Metcalfe (Tavira/Prio), 9 votes
César Fonte (Barbot/Epafel), 6 votes
David Livramento (Tavira/Prio), 4 votes

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