Monday, 21 March 2011

The Team Time Trial (TTT)

We have been training the TTT. Initially I was not to do this as I wasn't going to the race that had such a time trial, but now I've been included and I am loving it!

The TTT is a very technical event, grace is more important that brute strength. You have to know how your team mates handle themselves, how to ride in windy conditions where you might use a double pace line, or how to pull through really fast to get speed up on a decent.

Perhaps the most unnerving aspect of the whole this is having to ride inches from the guy in front without having your brakes at hand. But this is just a question of practice and trusting the other guy not to do something stupid.

Communication is also key to success in this event. If one team member gets too enthused he must be told to keep cool. Also if people leave gaps open up they must be told not too. A weaker member might miss a few turns and rest at the back of the group, but needs to let the others know.

Speeds are amazingly high in these events 55kph + being a good average on flatish terrain.

A little bit on Team Time Trials

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